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22 Jul 14 - 19:51

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With wilkes barre laying off 11 firefighters and various other employees while discussing a major tax hike, city funded cellphones especially for city council and other part time positions should seem to have been cut.

The reality is, in an age when 85 percent of adults in america have a cellphone(In order to a september, 2012, report by the pew web and american life project), Wilkes Barre will ideally mimic Scranton, Where city funded cells were dropped two in years past.

It's really down to sharing sacrifice and leading by example.If city council and mayor tom leighton want union snack bars, you have to concede.And this would be an easy starting point.

Council family workers, who told morgan besecker that their taxpayer funded cells were immediate but welcome, likely has turned in their cells the moment the city's $2 million budget shortfall was announced.Leighton likewise need to have started footing the bill for his city cell before asking for any union concessions.

Truly, leighton requires taken a 3 percent cut in his own $79, 911 salary before asking the union to forego a contractual 3 percentage points raise.Surely during these tough economic times leighton could eke out a living making $2, 297 lower a year.

Unions and personnel share blame.Remember fondly the successful fight firefighters put up for more money solely because police had gotten an increase that was, by themself, the results of a labor dispute settlement?

And health department worker paul ginter showed astounding indifference to taxpayer dollars when he responded to doubts about high data usage pandora bracelet how much on his city cell, in part seemingly from streaming music through pandora.Quite genuinely, i do not see where it's an issue.I can take a call presenting notice, ginter considered that.I visit pandora as a radio.

Loading music from pandora uses data that can drive up phone costs(There is not a way of knowing without seeing detailed bills), And Ginter streamed up to 10 gigabytes within a month.Presumptively that included other, work appropriate Pandora bracelets uk buy data usage, but it presents nearly six hours of music a day.If ginter actually work to music of his choice, he can buy a personal ipod.

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